Kamenskaya & Partners Law Firm Participated in the White Nights 2010 International Legal Forum


The White Nights International Legal Forum was held In St. Petersburg on May 28 to 30, 2010. This professional assembly of lawyers and legal scientists from Russia, Belarus, Estonia, Norway, Ukraine and Sweden gathered last weekend at Radisson SAS Royal Hotel to deliver speeches and presentations simultaneously at four conference rooms at a time. The Forum was orchestrated by LegalStudies.RU, Russia’s leading legal consultancy headed by its Managing Partner Alexander Khvoschinskiy.

Kamenskaya & Partners Law Firm was represented by Managing Partners Tatiana Kamenskaya and Denis Gorkovsky who took part in a round table discussion titled “Efficient defense at the Constitutional Court of Russia: understanding constitutional perspectives, filing complaints, argumentation and implications of a verdict”.  The Forum’s program had specially emphasized that defending clients’ rights at the Constitutional Court can be viewed as the “climax of the legal profession” that requires very special knowledge and expertise. Thus, the discussion dwelt upon several key questions, such as how can lawyers efficiently ensure execution of their professional duties within the constitutional justice framework and what are the legal peculiarities of constitutional court hearings including preparatory stages thereto.  

Tatiana Kamenskaya speaking at the round-table session had pointed out that “an attorney defending a client in front of the Constitutional Judges has to primarily draw their attention to the unconstitutional nature of a disputed legislative norm. Should an attorney object to the wrongful enforcement of a legislative norm, rather than to the norm itself, - Tatiana Kamenskaya continued, - the lawyer’s major mission is to convince the Judges that the client’s appeal to the Constitutional Court is not just another attempt to revision the case. The lawyer has to prove that the interpretation of this particular legislative norm does not imply just a simple broadening of the statutory construction, but that this very norm is getting a significantly different statutory meaning that leads to ambiguity and controversy from the legal standpoint.”

The official part of the Forum’s first day was followed by touring the city of St. Petersburg at white night when it’s so light outside one can easily read a newspaper. The tour of the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation was part of the next day's visiting program. The Forum was closed by a friendly informal luncheon at one of the city’s fancy restaurants.