Kamenskaya & Partners Law Firm Participated in the 5th CIS Local Counsel Forum



The fifth CIS Local Counsel Forum took place in Minsk on 23-25 June 2010 at the Crowne Plaza Minsk Hotel. As stated in the event's announcement, the Forum meetings bring together leading business lawyers from the CIS economic region and from around the world, with an approximately equal split between representatives of the international legal community and of the CIS legal community. The Delegates share the Mission of the Forum – "Bringing together the CIS and international legal communities with the aim of creating joint business opportunities and long-term cooperation". This Mission reflects the 21st century reality, in which global investors view the CIS countries as a broad and dynamic economic region with intertwined business connections and comparable legal systems. The motto of the Forum is "Know Your Local Counsel – Recognize an Opportunity". The Forum has been steadily gaining global recognition. This year, in addition to traditionally attending CIS states, this event hosted multiple international attendees from Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom and the USA.

Tatiana Kamenskaya, Managing Partner, Kamenskaya & Partners Law Firm, who is also a member of the General Council of a Non-commercial Partnership “Support of Competition in the CIS”, took part in the Pannel Discussion named "Antitrust Makes a Comeback in the CIS and Globally" and delivered a presentation titled «Joint Regulation of Retail Trade in the Markets of the CIS Member States».

Speaking to the international audience, Tatiana Kamenskaya said that Russia is still characterized by very strong monopolies, such as Russian Railways, Gazprom, and pipeline companies. Referring to most recent statements by the Russian Government she said that the country's economy is suffering not from the mere existence of monopolies, however, but from a lack of competition. Mrs. Kamenskaya noted  that the federal and regional programs on the development of competition were currently being drafted. She also stressed that Russia was poised to make its antitrust legislation and competition policy consistent with that of European countries in light of the creation of the common economic space of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

A considerable part of her presentation dwelt upon the CIS Interstate Council for Antimonopoly Policy (ICAP). ICAP was established in 1993 with the purpose of coordination of the CIS Countries' activity on creation of legal and organizational foundations for prevention, limitation and suppression of monopolistic practices and unfair competition. The Treaty defines the objectives of the antimonopoly authorities on the ensuring of close cooperation in the field of competition policy and sets forth the most important definitions as well as the general rules of competition related to abuse of dominant position, integration of economic entities, restrictive agreements and unfair competition.

In her closing remarks Mrs. Kamenskaya spoke about perspectives of the retail business in Russia. She said that despite serious challenges such as ongoing recession, unstable capital markets, growing energy costs and excessive regulatory measures, and unfair competition, 76 percent of Russian top managers strongly believe that their businesses will resume delivering increased revenues shortly.

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ng Partner,
Kamenskaya & Partners Law Firm,

Member of the General Council,
Non-commercial Partnership
“Support of Competition in the CIS”
«Joint Regulation of Retail Trade in the Markets of the CIS Member States»