Taxpayers - unite!


Approved the creation of a consolidated group of taxpayers

The State Duma Committee on Budget and Taxes recommended for adoption in first reading the bill "On Amendments to the Tax Code in connection with the creation of a consolidated group of taxpayers." Creation of a consolidated group will allow companies to calculate and pay tax on profits, taking into account the aggregate result of their economic activities.

Recall that the bill discloses the concept of a consolidated group, the conditions on its establishment, rights and responsibilities of participants, the requirements for a treaty establishing a consolidated group, the grounds for termination of the contract.

In particular, the consolidation will be possible if it involved Russian organizations, while the share of the parent company in the subsidiaries is not less than 90 percent of the amount of accrued federal taxes for the calendar year will exceed 15 billion rubles, total assets exceeded 1 trillion rubles, and total volume of sales proceeds - 100 billion rubles.