The President held the "Big Three"


"Big Three" reduces roaming rates not later than December 1
Mobile operators MTS, MegaFon and Vimpelcom will reduce roaming rates for voice services, SMS-messaging and mobile Internet no later than 1 December, said Prime Minister Vladimir Putin on Wednesday at a meeting with the Minister of Communications Igor Shchyogolev and FAS head Igor Artemyev.
It is reported that the operators will reduce prices for international roaming as well as on domestic flights. According to Putin, for voice services, tariffs will be lowered to half or two times, for SMS-messages - three times for the mobile Internet - four times.
Plans to reduce tariffs by the mobile operators begun to implement, in response to  researching of the Federal Antimonopoly Service, lasted for the past few months. Meeting of the Anti-Monopoly Service to be held in April, but was repeatedly delayed and eventually took place on September 23. In case of FAS revealed a violation (ie, the presence of monopolistic conspiracy to intentionally overstated tariffs), the tariff reduction would have occurred under compulsion.
During this time the Commission has introduced rules governing the roaming tariffs for European mobile operators. Following the world precedent claims to the Russian operators have taken the public and the authorities as a well-founded. In turn, the answer of the Russian operators was that European operators are in a better position because of the greater flow of tourists in European countries, and Russian companies can not fully compete with them, being  in unfavorable conditions.
It is reported that tariff cuts will occur no later than December 1, and in the case of Russian domestic roaming is possible more earlier changes.

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