Kamenskaya & Partners Law Firm (K&PLF) launched its English-language website


On  May 3rd, 2010, Kamenskaya & Partners Law Firm (K&PLF) launched its English-language website.  It has been developed in response to increasing number of queries coming from global business and legal communities seeking professional consulting services that are delivered in Russia by national law firms working under international business standards and fluently communicating with clients in English.

Tatiana Kamenskaya, Managing Partner of Kamenskaya & Partners Law Firm said: “K&PLF is excited to open a new page of its corporate history by entering the English-speaking segment of the World Wide Web. We developed this customized website as a transparent and informative tool for entrepreneurs and law practitioners interested in current developments across the law market in Russia. The website features K&LF corporate information, the firm’s services and spheres of business presence, and highlights industry news of importance to our existing and potential Clientele. We would like to use this opportunity to welcome international visitors to www.kplf.net and encourage them to check our Contacts page for sending their questions and comments.”

Kirill Golubkov, K&PLF Head of Business Development, said: “This effort eventually opens a new door in front of us, putting our law firm on the world map, given the global prevalence of the English language. In view of K&PLF plans of winning new clients among international market players, this kind of web presence is an absolute must. We are going to make this web source grow as K&PLF grows and develops exponentially.”